Friday, July 9, 2010

Mount Ainslie - Convergence of Light

The summit of Mt Ainslie is great for panoramas of the city of Canberra - especially at night. However, in the spirit of this blog site, we are always seeking the effect of vertigo. Rather than letting the camera record a scene or event - let the image itself be an event. Thus, to achieve this shot, I've zoomed the lens during the long exposure.

The effect we strive for, is therefore - in Baudrillard's words -

“To rediscover the image as point of convergence between the light from the object and the light from the gaze.”

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bench on Limestone Ave

This concrete bench is one of two such seats on Limestone Ave. The benches with plaques mark an avenue of native trees planted by the Australian Natives Association in 1928.

The seat here is in dire need of restoration, but the thousands of motorists who speed past each day seem oblivious to its fate.

"Immersion, immanence and immediacy - these are the characteristics of the Virtual."
- Jean Baudrillard

This quote perfectly describes the driving experience. With the car’s digital dashboard, we take our media with us. Outside of these images, sounds and signs, there is less and less for our gaze to fix on beyond a strip of asphalt. Yes – we are fixated with the speed of light; and we fail to notice the deterioration of things once valued - such as the bench here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reality and its image

These three shots play with the concept of the hyperreal - reality preceded by its model. In the last image, I like the way there is a copy of everything in the frame. As well as the two women fishing, you can also see two cranes on the skyline in the background; two each of both types of silver bollard on the wharf; and two wooden benches. All shots taken around the shores of Canberra’s lakes.

“Reality itself has been confused with its own image. Reality no longer has the time to take on the appearance of reality. It no longer even surpasses fiction: it captures every dream even before it takes on the appearance of a dream.”
- Jean Baudrillard

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

La Jetee

The jetty in the foreground is where fishing boats set out and return. In the background, you can see a section of a boardwalk taking you around the edge of the estuary. There is a strange duality about these two wooden structures – both evil and good flowing together as part of the same tide. On this night, a boat with its prize – the body of a large Marlin with eyes still bright – arrived back at the jetty. On other nights, from the boardwalk, you might see Manta Rays glide at peace over the sandy sea bed.

Location: Wagonga River Inlet, Narooma.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Timeless Interval

A shot taken in front of the Canberra Theatre during a showtime interval. The interval has a timeless, disappearing quality; and it seems to exist outside (or in between) the reality that is the Show.

"Every photographed object is merely the trace left behind by the disappearance of all the rest."
- Jean Baudrillard

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Signs of a New Ministry

This former church – now in private hands – displays a mix of signs and symbols.

Location: Braidwood, New South Wales.